Novatec, a member of the Maguire familyThis is one in a series of articles that will deal specifically with ideas for energy saving products and technologies. Here we will specifically discuss the Novatec VDR Vacuum Resin Dryer.
Save energy– If your plant uses a large number of dryers, this topic is important, because drying plastic pellets can be one of the big energy users in your plant. No matter which type of dryer you use, the material must heated to “give up” it’s moisture. This takes energy with all types of dryers. The big difference is in the other steps that different types of dryers take.
Each of the different approaches has a “sweet spot” where it would be the best approach for a given situation. Novatec is in a position to help with that determination, because their product range covers all of these technologies. Contact us so we can analyze your situation and give you some options. 

Assuming that your application fits into the Vacuum Drying slot, consider the following: 

Vacuum drying uses far less energy: 

  • No additional heaters required for regeneration of desiccant
  • Does not use compressed air to lower dewpoint
  • Generates a vacuum, but this takes far less energy
  • Click here for an energy cost comparison page on Novatec’s website.
Novatec VRD Vacuum Resin Dryer

Novatec - Maguire Vacuum Dryer

Novatec and Maguire offer a great product, with thousands of installed units, and the advantages include:  

  • Drying times of LESS THAN AN HOUR for most materials
  • Material changes ON THE FLY
  • NO REGENERATION HEAT blowing into your facility, reducing both energy cost of running the dryer, and energy costs associated with cooling your facility.

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