BLM-6010NDC_Beta LaserMikeBeta LaserMike’s 4 axis laser gauge takes diameter and ovality measurement to a new level. The combination of 4 axis measurement, and Beta LaserMikes’s traditionally highest industry scan rates, provides processors with unmatched throughput of qualified product. Improves flaw detection accuracy by 25% over 3-axis gauging.

The Model 6012, 4-Axis gauge can be used on-line or off-line, used as a monitoring device, or used as part of a closed loop process control system for OD gauging, or as part of an ultrasonic OD and ID process control system.


Flaw Detection Accuracy with 25% Improvement over 3-Axis

Beta LaserMike 4-Axis Accuracy

Typical applications include:

► Plastic Medical Tube – including catheters, drug delivery tubing, surgical tubing, and other small medical tubing
► Wire and Cable – including LAN (category), coaxial, medical, automotive, and specialty cable
► Plastic Automotive Tube
► Plastic Heat Shrink Tube
► Cord and Line
► And other extruded or drawn cylindrical, flat, or unique profile products

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