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A complete line of Advantage Engineering chillers, towers, pump tanks and temperature control units. Contact us by phone or email, if your needs include temperature control, fractional tonnage air cooled chiller, a central water cooled chiller, water cooled industrial chiller, a pump tank or a water tower.

We can help you configure the correct unit or system for your requirements. If you are installing a system, our engineers will provide you with a complete piping layout to insure that the configuration and sizing is correct.

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 Temperature Control  Portable Chillers  Central Chillers  Pump Tank Stations  Cooling Tower
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300o Water temperature control units.pdf   1/4 to 40 ton Air & Water Cooled portable chillers.pdf  20 to 280 ton Air & Water Cooled Central chillers.pdf  Poly and steel pump tanks.pdf  Fiberglass water towers.pdf
 500o Oil units.pdf 5 to 40 ton Air Cooled portable chillers w/Remote Condenser.pdf  5 to 210 Outdoor Air Cooled central chillers.pdf  Pump tank controls.pdf  Galvanized water towers.pdf
 500o Oil unit-air cooled.pdf  5, 10, 15 ton Air & Water Cooled portable chillers w/Digital Scroll Compressors.pdf   5 to 180 ton chiller expansion modules.pdf   Adiabatic/Green water tower.pdf 
Controls.pdf  3 to 10 ton Air Cooled – Indoor/Outdoor.pdf   Carrier chillers.pdf    
 Technical data.pdf Heat and Cool.pdf  Trane chillers.pdf    
w/ Seal-less pump.pdf        

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Click here to see a list of articles regarding these products and related technology.