Central Chillers

Process Cooling ProductsAdvantage Engineering offers a complete line of central chiller packages. The configurations include water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, outdoor packaged chillers. The Titan Series is configured on a pump skid with a patented polyethylene pump tank, and the controls are completely integrated with the chilling equipment. The pump deck is completely plumed and wired, and an optional standby pump can be supplied plumed to a manifold and wired to the control panel. For times when a company is growing, a system designed for growth can be configured. The tank and pumps can be sized to accommodate expected expansion, and to accept add on expansion chiller modules when the need arises. 

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Central Chiller Products

Literature / Specs:  20 to 280 ton Air & Water Cooled Central chillers.pdf


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Titan Series Central Chiller

  • Central Chiller and Pump Tank Package
  • Water Cooled and Air Cooled
  • 20oF to 70oF
  • For Indoor Installation
  • Customized configurations available
Air cooled chiller and water cooled chillers
  Remote Condensers

  • Used with Air Cooled Titan central chillers
  • Light enough to be placed on the roof
  • Can be places next to the building
 Remote Condencer
Literature / Specs: 5 to 180 ton chiller expansion modules.pdf


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 Chiller Expansion Modules

  • Water Cooled and Air Cooled Models
  • 5 to 180 ton
  • 20oF to 70oF
  • For indoor installation


Chiller Module
Literature / Specs: 5 to 210 Outdoor Air Cooled central chillers.pdf


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 OACS Series Central Chiller

  • Complete central chiller and pump tank packege
  • Designed for outdoor installations
  • 5 to 210 tons
  • 20oF to 70oF


 Outdoor Central Chiller
Literature / Specs:Trane chillers.pdf


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 RTAA and RTAC Series

  • Air Cooled
  • Designed for outdoor installations
  • 70 to 500 tons
  • 40oF to 60oF
  • Mfg. by Trane
 Trane Chiller
Literature / Specs: Carrier chillers.pdf


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 30RB Series

  • Air Cooled
  • Designed for outdoor installations
  • 70 to 420 tons
  • 40oF to 60oF
  • Mfg. by Carrier
 Carrier Chiller