Pump Tanks

Process Cooling ProductsAdvantage Engineering pump tank systems are used to support cooling equipment including evaporative cooling towers, central chillers and fluid coolers. Pump tank systems consist of a vented reservoir along with fluid pumps and controls specifically selected to meet the needs of your process and/or entire facility.The standard unit is designed to be installed indoors or protected from the elements.

Use of a pump tank assembly improves plant cooling effectiveness by providing a stable reserve of cooling fluid to moderate the affects of rapid load changes and to provide a place for air to separate from the system and for debris to settle out of the recirculating water flow. A pump tank also provides a convenient location to monitor water quality and introduce chemical treatment.

Experienced application specialists review each application to provide the proper fluid flow, pressure and temperature for each unique system. Every central water system includes water distribution piping drawings suitable for contractor bidding and installation work. 

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Pump Tank capacities up to 3,000 gallons

Literature / Specs: Pump Tank Literature.pdf  Get a Pump Tank Quotation  Pump Tank Control Literature.pdf
Tough Tank: 10 year warranty poly-tank PTS &CPTS: Available in stainless or carbon steel CheckMate Controls 
Pump tank station, with a poly-tank Pump tank station steel tank Pump tank controls
TTK-1500-2P shown with these optional features:

  • Standby pump and manifold
  • Central control console
  • Pressure and temperature alarms
  • Electric water make-up system
  • CheckMateTM system control instrument
PTS-2000 shown with these optional features: 

  • Standby pump and manifold
  • Central control console
  • Pressure and temperature alarm system
  • Electric water make-up system
  • CheckMateTM system control instrument
CheckMate System

  • 1 or 2 process pumps
  • Tower fan staging
  • Tower pump staging

Typical configurations, with optional stand-by pump

One pump configuration with a stand-by

One Pump System

Pump tank atation two pump system

Two Pump System

Pump tank station spacesaving

Space Saving

 This pump tank configuration pumps the water in one circuit:

  1. through the process
  2. through the cooling unit
  3. back to the tank
 This pump tank configuration pumps the water in TWO SEPARATE circuits.

  1. Circuit 1:
    1. Pumps cool water through the process
    2. The water picks up heat and continues back to the tank.
  2. Circuit 2: 
    1. Pumps the warm water from the tank through the cooling unit
    2. The water cools and continues back to the tank
 This assembly includes tank, pumps and controls integrated onto a single deck, non-corosion tank, all in a space saving stacked design.Can be configured as:

  1. One pump system
  2. Two pump system
  3. With or without a standby pump



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