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Constant or Varying Diameters: Laser Measure and Record

LaserLinc’s Metron profiling unit is a cost-effective solution for repeatable measurement and documentation of long guidewires and tubes. Designed using off the shelf components, LaserLinc has created a fully integrated solution, minimized risk with maximized functionality and performance.

The LaserLinc Metron

  • Vertical design for long lengths
  • Horizontal design for shorter
  • Automate off-line measurements
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Taper
  • Diameter shifts
  • Optimize measurement speed
  • Simplify inspection process
  • Record data
  • Reverse engineer
  • Unique capabilities
  • Taper tolerance checking
  • Measure braid or corrugation pitch
  • Up to 72 inch as standard

Metron Short Video

Comprehensive Metron Video

Horizontal Metron

Horizontal Configuration

  • The Metron has standard sizes
  • It can be configured to suit special lengths as well

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