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Krauss Maffei: Machine Range

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Injection Molding Machines

MX series

GX series

CX series


MC-6 Controls

  • Split Screen / Extra Screen
  • Process Designer
  • Eco Button
  • Graphics analysis
  • Trending graphs
  • Data transfer / remote access
  • XR control charts
  • Request specs and more data

APC Plus

Digital Products

  • blueBox: Remote Access to Machines
  • dataXplorer: Data storage and retrieval system
  • forensicExpert: Data analysis and consulting services
  • smartAssist: Auti/visual remote communications and technical support
  • socialProduction: Production monitoring using social media
  • More information can be found here.
  • Request specs and more data

Robots and Automation

Linear Robots

Industrial Robots

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