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Long Glass Fiber Drying/Conveying System

Nylon Long-Glass Fiber

A Colorado installation of a Novatec central drying and conveying system

LTM Plastics, Denver, CO

Listen to what Darryl Lawrence, Vice President/Owner, LTM Plastics has to say about his recent experience of buying and installing a new Novatec System

Novatec central dryer bank

Ability to handle many different materials

  • Multiple drying hoppers
  • Bins for non-dried materisl
  • Central regrind handling

Material selector station

  • Provides for material from any hopper or bin to be routed to any machine in the plant with a simple hose move
  • This unit has optional proofing which checks to make sure the correct connection is made
Novatec material conveying piping and bends

Professional installation

  • Engineered piping design
  • Professional installation crew
Carbide coated valves for wear

Carbide coated valves

  • Wear resistance
Novatec glass elbows for wear resistance

Glass elbows for material supply lines

  • Reduced wear in the bends
  • Straight material lines are stainless steel
Novatec central controls

Central control panel

  • Adjust speed of material flow through the pipes to limit wear
  • Access dryer settings from a central area
  • Can be networked to work with mobile devices

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