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Novatec / Maguire Gaylord Sweeper

Reduce the amount of labor associated with a typical gaylord unloading station.

A typical gaylord unload station utilizing a gaylord tilter, needs a lot of attention, and it uses quite a bit of floor space. The material “rat holes” and requires attendance to move the material and the material wand around

The Novatec / Maguire Sweeper addresses all of these issues

  • Very little floor space is taken up beyond the size of the gaylord
  • You can use a hand pallet jack to move gaylords in and out
  • No pinch points
  • No tending of the gaylords required

Dual Sweeper

The Dual Sweeper automatically switches from empty container to full adjacent container – without interrupting flow of material. Allow more time for changing over the empty bin for a full bin with the Dual Sweeper.

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